Student Program
Congratulations!  The following are the finalists in the student paper competition:


 Øyvind Aardal
5123 Detecting Changes in the Human Heartbeat with on-Body Radar


Jiaqi An
5142 2-D Continuous Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Extracting Wave Information from Nautical Radar Images


Linda Bai
5074 Compressive Radar Clutter Subspace Estimation Using Dictionary Learning


Julie Jackson
5007 Collecting and Processing WiMAX Ground Returns for SAR Imaging


Xue Jiang
5105 Robust Time-Delay Estimation in Impulsive Noise Using â„“p-Correlation


Alexander Komarov
5135 Wind Speed and Sea Ice Motion Retrieval in the Marginal Ice Zone from RADARSAT-2 HH-HV Images


Hongbin Li
5081 Asymptotic Performance Analysis of the Conjugate Gradient Reduced-Rank Adaptive Detector


Antonio Macera
5294 Receiver Architecture for Multi-Standard Based Passive Bistatic Radar


Luca Pallotta
5095 Extended Target Detection in Interference Whose Covariance Matrix Is Defined via Uncertainty Convex Constraints


Fabrizio Turin
5306 Multistatic Passive ISAR Based on Geostationary Satellites for Coastal Surveillance